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Elevator / Railway

Heavy Construction Equipment / Other Industrial

MEEDEUM manufactures a diverse range of molded rubber and molded sponge rubber parts through compression, extrusion, tranfer molding processes.

Our quality OEM components are used by global automobile manufacturers like Chevrolet, Honda, Hyundai, and Kia; and by elevator, railway, and other industrial   equipment manufacturers.  Our experienced team will constantly offer you optimum solutions for your clients’ critical quality requirements. 


 √ Grommets


 √ Dust Covers


 √ Spring Pads


 √ Hoses


 √ Gaskets


 √ Boots


 √ Bellows


 √ Molded Sponge Rubber Parts


 √ Floor Mats


 √ Anti-Vibration Parts


 √ Guide Roller Wheels


 √ Cushion Mounts


 √ Door Rollers


 √ Diaphragms


 √ Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts


 √ Rubber Pads


 √ Torque Rod Bushes


 √ Bushings


 √ Gaskets & Seals


 √ Anti-Fatigue Mats


 √ Track Protection Pads


 √ Agriculture Tractor Parts


 √ Dairy Milking Liners

Short List of our Valued Customers:

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Dairy Milking Liner

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