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OEM / R&D Specialist


MEEDEUM, throughout 26 years of history, has always been a Tustrful OEM partner to all of our customers, from product co-development to mass production.  With our experiences and accumulated technology in rubber parts development and production, we have been successfully satisfying customers' various quality requirements of rubber parts to our OEM customers in Automobile, Railway, Elevator, Dairy, Heavy Equipment and other Industrial Sectors.

- Custom Rubber Molding

- Rubber to Metal Bonding

- Custom Rubber Formulating and Mixing

- Custom Molded Foam Rubber Specialist


We produce a broad range of rubber products such as Diaphragms, Grommets, Seals, Masks, Boots, Hoses, Tubes, Gaskets, etc. to customers’ critical specifications using our expertise and various materials such as: NR, SBR, IIR, BR, CR, Silicone, EPDM.

MEEDEUM has complete Injection, Compression, and Transfer Molding production capabilities to promptly respond to your specific requirements whether the volume is small or large. 


26 Years of Experience


Whatever your requirements, our experienced engineers guarantee optimum solutions for your critical application needs with extensive engineering expertise.  Our Experience & Knowledge will definitely contribute to customers’ needs for High Quality & Cost Effective Products.




MEEDEUM’s strict quality standard is beyond the international standard of ISO/IATF-16949 which we have been certified in 2004 first among Korean rubber product manufacturers.  Also we are qualified supplier to Hyundai/Kia Motors.  ‘QUALITY and INNOVATION’ is and always has been our TOP PRIORITY, and we constantly strive to innovate our R&D, production, and quality assurance processes, to exceed customers’ requirements.  




Our products are used by global automotive, elevator, railway , dairy, and heavy equipment industries, and our expert account executives support customers’ inquiries from all over the world, promptly and professionally.

About us

Our History


1989  Established MEEDEUM Industry Co.


1994  Patent Application for SEP Rubber Processing Technology




1997  Developed Diaphragms for Railway Vehicles (KOREA RAILWAY CORPORATION)


1998  Exported Rubber Boots to TSK, Japan


2000  ‘SQ’ (Supplirt Quality) Certification from HYUNDAI and KIA Motors


2001  “ISO 9001:2000” Certification


2003  “Clean Factory” Certification from MINISTRY OF LABOR


2004  “ISO/TS-16949:2002” Certification


2004  Started OEM business with LAUREN Mfg, US. for Automobile Rubber Parts


2005  Exported “Quick Pads” (Protective Rubber Track Shoes for Excavators) to Japan


2008  Started export to US LAUREN Agrisystems. US


2014  Co-Development of Black Liner for Dairy Milking (LAS/GEA)


2016  Patent Registered 'Surface Improvement Method for Silicon Rubber Surface'

2021  Patent Registered 'Molded sponge repeated and reusable for oil absorption


2023  Relocated in Geomdan Industrial Complex


2023  Transition from an private company to a corporation

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